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Grow your family's food garden without the struggle and overwhelm of doing it by yourself

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Are you struggling with growing food at home for your family? 

If so are you having these problems?

🌱 Seedlings are not growing well or are dying

🌱 Can't find the right space to grow

🌱 Weather never cooperates

🌱 Plants are infested with bugs

Or do you have these questions?

🌱 When can I transplant my seedlings so they survive?

🌱 What is the best fertilizer to use?

🌱 How can I improve my soil?

🌱 Why do I keep having problems?

🌱 How do I even start? Everything I read sounds sooooo complicated!

Instead imagine yourself...

🌱 knowing how to get any type of plant started and growing successfully.

🌱 growing any size garden (yes, even in containers on a balcony) with no nuisance pests destroying your efforts.

🌱 significantly lowering your grocery bill during the summer months and beyond, by growing and storing enough produce.

🌱 knowing how to garden creatively and take advantage of simple methods to maximize growing space and increase yields.

You don’t become this experienced food grower overnight. However with the right help, support and learning, anyone can turn their "black thumb" into a "green thumb"!

Why even grow food at home?

With veggies, fruit, herbs and edible flowers you’ve grown at home, you know how they have been raised. 

You can avoid using synthetic chemical fertilizers, pest controls and weed killers. 

You have the convenience of heading out into the garden or your balcony, patio or deck and pick what you need, when you need it. There is nothing fresher than this!

And the first time you pull a carrot out of the ground (yes, it will smell like a carrot!) or pick some berries for your kids' breakfast cereal or make a fresh salad from lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers you grew yourself, you'll know why homegrown food is well worth it!

Introducing the Seed to Table Membership!

By joining, you get access to a community of other families who are dedicated to putting healthy, fresh, homegrown food on the table. 

With monthly online garden gatherings, live workshops and a digital magazine you'll learn tips, tricks and easy to follow processes to make growing your own food easy and successful! 

No more overwhelm or struggling by yourself!

In the membership you will get access to:

🌱 Monthly live online workshops on various topics that help you become a better food grower, with no experience required. These are recorded so you can always watch them later again or watch past month’s workshops.

🌱 Monthly live online Garden Gatherings where you have a chance to talk with fellow group members, ask questions and share successes and failures.

🌱 Monthly downloadable digital magazine issues filled with useful articles, product reviews, buying guides, recipes and answers to readers' questions.

🌱 Weekly Office Hour live chats where you have the chance to ask growing expert Marc a burning question or get help with a problem right away. Think of it as being able to ask renowned chef Emeril Lagasse your cooking questions while in your kitchen and have him answer you right away!

And for members who pay annually, you’ll get a veggie garden starter kit in the mail towards the end of the calendar year. This will contain a garden journal, seed packets (or a gift card for a seed company), plant labels and some other seasonal supplies you'll need to get a head start in the spring!

With all this value, it’s definitely worth more than what you’ll pay.

Just being able to save a few seedlings from complete failure is well worth it!

Meet Marc: father, husband, author and food grower

Hi, I'm Marc and I'm very passionate about helping families grow their own food at home. For over 15 years I've seen the benefits firsthand of growing and eating our own homegrown veggies, fruit and herbs.  And I want you to also have that opportunity. That is why this community exists.

I’m glad you are here and are interested in growing food for your family. Maybe you’re a complete beginner and you want to get started but are afraid and overwhelmed. Or you’ve grown food before but have had failures and lots of challenges.

Then the Seed to Table Membership is right for you! 

Not only do I have the many years of hands-on experience growing food but I'm also a published author with my own book! I've also been on local radio, providing timely advice on how to get started with growing food and have a popular blog called Healthy, Fresh, Homegrown.

I love to teach and serve and in this community you'll get my expert help to grow the best homegrown food for your family, food that is healthy and fresh and as local as you can get!

A Big Thanks

When you join as a founding member for the low introductory price, you'll also get a chance to help shape the community! Founding members will have lots of opportunities to provide feedback and help create a community that meets their needs but also the members that will join later. 

So I thank you in advance for joining as a founding member as I value your input! And there will be a few unannounced perks throughout the year for founding members too!

But hurry! There are only 25 spots available at the founding member price and once they're gone that's it. The non-founder's price will jump to at least $22.99/month June 1st.

Hope to see you in the membership soon!

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